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Hi, we are the Tate’s! Beekeeping has been a part of our family for three generations, and hopefully many more to come. We started The Bee Box with the goal of sharing the bounties of nature with the world and creating a business that our children can grow into and be a part of.

The Bee Box’s story began many years ago with the first beekeeper in our family: Walter Steele. Grandpa Steele loved the life of a beekeeper and worked long and hard to care for his hives. His love of bees was passed onto my father who still helps care for the family apiaries. When my husband joined our family, he decided he wanted to be a beekeeper. I wasn’t sure at first. The life of a full-time beekeeper isn’t easy, and is filled with lots of late nights, and a lot of hard work. BUT being in the bees is a feeling like nothing else. Today, our life is filled with caring for our babies, caring for our bees, and sharing the joys of beekeeping with others through our Bee Boxes.

Bee Boxes have truly opened new avenues to us. In the past, most of our business has been conducted locally. While we continue to sell locally, and love doing so, Bee Boxes allow us to share nature’s treats with friends all over the country. To us, honey and bees represent warmth, goodness, and community. With every Bee Box we send out, we hope we are sending a little more of these values into the world.

We are so happy to carry on my Steele family traditions. It truly is the best life, and we can’t wait to share it with our kids and all of you!